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Bed Preparation Service

Bed Preparation Service
Bed Preparation Service
Bed Preparation Service
Bed Preparation Service
Bed Preparation Service
Bed Preparation Service
Bed Preparation Service

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt .Ltd. are providing service of Soil Bed preparation by Manual (Labour) or by Tractor for all Vegetable Crops & Flower Crops.Raised Soil beds are the medium of choice for growing plants in a greenhouse as the soil and the plants can be managed very closely, and yields are usually excellent in greenhouse. Soil mixes used for greenhouse production of vegetable plants and flowers Tissues are highly modified mixtures of soil, organic and inorganic materials. When top soil is included as a portion of the Soil mixture, it is generally combined with other materials to improve the water holding capacity and aeration of the potting soil.


To be successful in growing, soil selection is very important. The soil should be properly prepared to allow for excellent development of the root system. The main factors to considered are as under:

  • Soil pH should be in between 6.0 to 6.5 or it should be maintained at this level to get maximum efficiency in absorption of nutrients.
  • The salinity level of soil should not be more than 1 MS/cm. Therefore, as soon as you select the site, get the soil analyzed to decide its further reclamation.
  • The soil should be highly porous and well drained to have better root growth and better penetration of roots.
  • If soil is black, cotton gravels or morum (6” layer) can be added at the bottom for better drainage. Recommended quantity of soil and sand is added along with organic manures. Organic manure is recommended to improve soil texture and to provide nutrition gradually.
  • At the time of bed preparation (After fumigation) Neemcake (@ 0.5 kg/m2) is added as prevention against nematode. All material should be mixed thoroughly for optimum results.
  • The composition of bed material should be such that it should be highly porous, well drained and provide proper aeration to the root system.

SOIL STRUCTUREBed Material Composition


Clay soil

SiltyLoam Soil

Red soil

55 %

60 %


15 %

10 %


30 %

30 %

Rice husk / Cocopeat

1 kg/m2

0.5 kg/m2

SOIL STRUCTUREBasal Fertilizer Dose

After Soil Bed Preparation, The following fertilizers should be mixed well in upper 6” Soil layer. Apply water and at Vapsa condition (Field capacity level). Check EC and pH of Soil before plantation.




Ammonium Sulphate


Single Super Phosphate          


Sulphate of Potash


Magnesium Sulphate


Neem Cake 




Zinc sulphate, boron and


Manganese sulphate


Crop Name

Height of Bed

Width of Bed

Path Between Beds

Capsicum & Cucumber

1 feet (30 cm)

 3 feet (90 cm)

    1.5 feet(45 cm)


1 feet (30 cm)

3 feet(90 cm)

    1.5 feet(45 cm)


1.5 feet(45cm)

 2 feet (60 cm)

1 feet(45cm)


  1.5 feet (45 cm)

3 feet(90cm)

    1.5 feet(45 cm)

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