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Greenhouse Turnkey Project

Greenhouse Turnkey Project
Greenhouse Turnkey Project
Greenhouse Turnkey Project
Greenhouse Turnkey Project

Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd., (EIPL)a supplier of Turnkey solution for the High - tech Greenhouse Projects & Services to the Farmer and Commercial grower. EIPL has expertise, ability and all needed knowledge for establishing greenhouses not only in Gujarat, but also in the India & Sub continent. Our expertise can produce and establish every kind of agricultural protective area beginning from simple Net Houses till strong and complicated High Tech Greenhouse. As our main purpose is not making greenhouses, but making WORKING AND PROFITABLE GREENHOUSES and also havevast experience to make the Horticulture Project Success, We provide Turnkey projects solutions including:


In the First stage of Turnkey Project of Greenhouse, We identify the challenges of Farmer & Commercial Grower in Traditional Farming and Provide solution & Suggestion for the Protective cultivation Technology.


After the Need Identifications of Farmer and Commercial Grower, We survey the Site or Land of customer where the Greenhouse will be made. In this Stage, We collected the data of Customer & his/her land’s document and also collect data of Wind, Temperature, rain, radiation, humidity and Soil Sample & Water Sample.


After the Collection of Data of Climate, Soil & Water, The Customer has to decide what he wants to grow & also select from the following type of Greenhouses & technologies:

  • Types of Greenhouses i.e. Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse, Forced Ventilated Greenhouse, Shade net Houses and Nursery etc.
  • Selection of Technology from Hi-tech Irrigation System, Automatic Climate Control System, Automatic Fertigation Control System etc.


In the Project Designing stage, we make the Project Design with keep in mind the local climate conditions and circumstances, possible availability of energy, availability and quality of water etc. In this Stage, We make Structure Layout Design, Irrigation Layout Design & Planting Material Layout Design.


After Making Project Design, it’s turn to make feasibility Study Report. In this Stage We calculate and study the characterization of Project, Financial Data, available subsidies, Bank Loan cost, Rate of Interest etc. In Marketing, We study marketing targets, to which market is the produce targeted – Local, export or Agro Processing, Packaging, Target price of the produce, Recent year prices for the specific market, Available workmanship, what skills are locally available today etc. From this Information, We make Project Report (Business Plan).

Importance of  Agronomy ServicesFINANCIAL PLANNING 

To meet the various expenses of Project, We require financial plan which identify project finance (Money) & Expenses of Project. For the Financing of Project, We help our Customer in getting Government Subsidy and in Bank Loan also.

  • Subsidy Assistance Services:We help to our customer in getting Government Subsidy for the Greenhouse Project.
  • Banking Services:We help to our customer in getting Bank Loan at lower rate of interest.
  • SFAC :The EIPL is an empanelled Consultant of “Small Farmer Agri-Business Consortium”(SFAC). So we help to Our Customer for making Detail project Report & helps in Venture Capital Assistance (VCA) from SFAC

Importance of  Agronomy ServicesRESOURCE PLANNING 

After Getting Project Finance from Bank, We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. make Project Resource management plan which helps us to identify all of the resources i.e. GI material, Poly paper, Shade net etc. materials, labours and equipments needed to deliver Greenhouse Project in timely. From this Plan, We can also coordinate with our Customer for the Scope of Work for the customer’s part.


After Resource Planning of material & labour, we purchase quality materials from our standard suppliers and Process the Material in our In-house Factory. We have also technically sound Supervisors and labours who install material at Site with accuracy.


After Successfully Completing of Greenhouse Structure, We also provide the planting material of Vegetable Crops and Floriculture Crops. We also provide the Crop Cycle Planning, so the Customer can get the benefit of higher price of their produce by taking off Season Crop.


Ethics Infinity Pvt.Ltd.’s after sales support is more than just delivering products as we are sincerely committed to our customers who seek advice or trouble shooting.We provide continuance Repair & Maintenance services of Greenhouse for 3 Years and take the insurance for the Project for 1 year on behalf of Our Customer.


We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. has a qualified Agriculture Agronomist who provides proper knowledge to the Customer for maintaining and realizing the full potential of Greenhouse Project so that they get well equipped and are able to avail maximum profit out of it. We provide agronomy services twice in a month for 3 Years, so Our Customer can get the right solution of the Crop disease & other Problems.


Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. assists the Customers by recognizing the link between the right buyer and seller, therefore eliminating the long and tiring process of establishing one's own market. We provide the information on market for various flowers and vegetables like roses, Gerbera, coloured capsicum, seedless cucumbers etc. in India's major cities as well as abroad.We make sure that we best satisfy our customer needs according to the evolving market demand.

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