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Flower crop (Anthurium)

Flower crop (Anthurium)
Flower crop (Anthurium)
Flower crop (Anthurium)
Flower crop (Anthurium)

Anthuriums are members of the Arum lily family (Araceae).Anthurium is the largest genus in the Araceae family.A common feature of  the  Araceae  is the typical, cup-shaped inflorescence: the arum. It consists of the spathe and the spadix, on which the flowers are situated. The Anthurium is an ‘evergreen’ which can produce flowers all year round. Both the flowers and the leaves are harvested from the crop.com nature Anthuriums grow in the Andes Mountains of Central and South America, where they are to be found in shady and humid locations. There are more than 100 different varieties with a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

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