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Forced Ventilated Greenhouse

Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse
Forced Ventilated Greenhouse

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. are a foremost Construction Company that makes Forced Ventilated Greenhouses which are also known as Fan and Pad Based Greenhouse. It is used to provide a controlled growing environment for growing special crops and plants. This greenhouse is provided with special-purpose fans to draw air into the greenhouse through high-efficiency cooling pads made from high surface area ribbons of cellulose fiber. Humidity is controlled by an elaborate system of foggers. Fertigation is implemented by an efficient drip-irrigation system.

Typically, exotic plants and crops meant for the export market or as import-substitutes are grown in such greenhouses. The temperature and humidity can be controlled to provide the exact growing environment required for plants that grow in temperate regions.         

Plants that are commonly grown in these greenhouses are carnation, Gerbera, rose, colored capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomato and so on.           

This type of greenhouse is ideal for growing nursery plants. Plants grown for nursery propagation have to be provided with a very specific environment. Nursery plants are very valuable and need extreme care during the early stages of their development.   

SpecificationsStructure Specifications




Forced Ventilated Greenhouse

Bay Size

8 Meter (Span) x 4 Meter (Bay)

Top Height

6 Meter

Gutter Height

4 Meter From Floor Area

Gutter Slope

2% or as per requirement from Civil Foundation work\ Structure

Gutter Frame

GI Sheet with 500 mm Width


Product NameSpecificationPrice List
Shade NetSpecificationPrice List
Poly PaperSpecificationPrice List
Insect NetSpecificationPrice List
Aluminum ProfileSpecificationPrice List
SpringSpecificationPrice List
Self Drilling Screw (SDS)SpecificationPrice List
Curtain ClampSpecificationPrice List
Manual Side Curtain Roll Up UnitSpecificationPrice List
Tape RollSpecificationPrice List
ApronSpecificationPrice List
Shade Net RingSpecificationPrice List
Shade Net RopeSpecificationPrice List
Plastic GutterSpecificationPrice List
Gutter FunnelSpecificationPrice List
GI Industrial Press GutterSpecificationPrice List
Exhaust FanSpecificationPrice List
Evaporative Cooling Pad with FrameSpecificationPrice List
GI ClampSpecificationPrice List
GI WireSpecificationPrice List
Hot Dip Galvanized High Tensile Bolt,Nut & WasherSpecificationPrice List
Shade net Pulley With Clamp SpecificationPrice List
Universal JointSpecificationPrice List

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