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Chrysanthemum is one of the most important flower crop commercially grown in different parts of the world. This flower produces more yield under Greenhouse conditions. In India, Commercial cultivation of Chrysanthemum flower has good demand. This flower has different names in different belts in India; its’ called Guldaudi in Hindi belt, Chandramalika in the eastern state, Samanti in the Southern states and Shevanti in the western states.

The Chrysanthemum belongs to the family of “Asteracea” and genus of “Chrysanthemum L”. Basically this flower is native to Europe and Asia. Chrysanthemum can be grown in Polyhouse, Shade net house, Pots and containers. In green house cultivation one can control the height of chrysanthemum, stem length of 90 to 100cm can be achieved in green house which is difficult in open field which will grow up to 70cm and sometime the petals get discolored due to heavy rain. So the better quality flowers will be from green house.

Chrysanthemum flowers are mainly used for garland making, religious offering and as cut-flower for party arrangement. As flower demand is very high in India, One should plan properly to get the flower in the market especially in marriages and festival seasons.

We, Ethics Infinity Pvt. Ltd. are providing Chrysanthemum Plant in various Varieties and colors. We also providing Plant supporting GI Wire Netting. We are also providing online Agronomy Service at free of cost and for visiting at the Greenhouse farm for charges as per company Policy.

Here, we are providing Greenhouse Chrysanthemum Cultivation manual.

Chrysanthemum Cultivation Manual – GujaratiChrysanthemum Cultivation Manual – Gujarati
Chrysanthemum Cultivation Manual – HindiChrysanthemum Cultivation Manual – Hindi
Chrysanthemum Cultivation Manual – English Chrysanthemum Cultivation Manual – English

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