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An anemometer measures wind speed. Most anemometers consist of 3 or 4 cups that catch the wind and spin. The rotations per minute or RPM is translated to wind speed. Which is measured in miles per hour MPH, kilometers per hour KPM, knots, or meters per second M/S. And sometimes feet per second F/S. And Beaufort scale.

An anemometer can also give wind run. Total wind travel in a day. Other anemometers consist of propeller/wind vane (Aero vane ), ultrasonic sound transducers, heated wires, and swinging plates

Product Features  Product Features

  • 0.5”(13mm) 4 Digit LCD Display
  • Data Hold
  • Data Memory : 24 groups
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Optional RS-232 Communication (Advanced Software Program for all windows)

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